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Greatest Book in the World

The greatest book ever written; The "Bible"
The Bible has withstood vicious attacks of its enemies as no other book. Many have tried to burn it, ban it and "outlaw it from the days of Roman emperors to present-day Communist-dominated countries." 73/232

In A.D. 303, Diocletian issued an edict (Cambridge History of the Bible, Cambridge University Press, 1963) to stop Christians from
worshipping and to destroy their Scriptures: "... an imperial
letter was everywhere promulgated, ordering the razing of the
churches to the ground and the destruction by fire of the Scriptures,
and proclaiming that those who held high positions would lose all
civil rights, while those in households, if they persisted in their
profession of Christianity would be deprived of their liberty.”
38/476; 26/259
The historic irony of the above edict to destroy the Bible is that
Eusebius records the edict given 25 years later by Constantine, the
emperor following Diocletian, that 50 copies of the Scriptures
should be prepared at the expense of the government.
Sidney Collett in All About the Bible says, "Voltaire, the noted French infidel who died in 1778, said that in one hundred years from his time Christianity would be swept from existence and passed into history. But what has happened? Voltaire has passed into history, while the circulation of the Bible continues to increase in almost all parts of the world, carrying blessing wherever it goes.

Concerning the boast of Voltaire on the extinction of Christianity and the Bible in 100 years, Geisler and Nix point out that "only fifty years after his death, the Geneva Bible Society used his press and house to produce stacks of Bibles.” 32/123,124 WHAT AN IRONY OF HISTORY.
History was made on 11 November when the 200 millionth Chinese Union Version (CUV) of the Bible rolled off the printing press in China.
Its production by the Amity Printing Company (APC) in Nanjing was celebrated at an official ceremony attended by leaders of the state-registered “three-self” church movement and representatives from the Chinese authorities.

                 A copy of an English-Chinese Bible: New Revised Standard Version and Chinese Union Version.
Chairman of APC, Qiu Zhonghui, said, “Out of the 200 million Bibles printed, more than 85 million copies were printed and distributed for the churches in China, including braille Bibles and Bibles in eleven ethnic minority languages.
“Since 2003, APC began to grow their Bible printing for overseas distribution and to date, it has printed 115 million copies of Bible for more than 140 countries and territories.”
The CUV Bible, which was first published in April 1919, is sold only through “three-self” churches. Non-church bookstores are prohibited from selling the Bible, a ban that was extended to online sales in February 2018 when tighter new religious regulations came into force, increasing pressure on unofficial “house churches” in China.
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